Leonid Litovskiy MPAS | Suboxone Treatment Specialist NYC, Brooklyn, Queens NY

Leonid Litovskiy

Leonid’s health career started in early 2006 where he started working as emergency medical technician (EMT) for the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), responding to 911 calls in Brownsville and Bushwick area station number 44, where he had face to face experiences with most vital life and death situations which includes drug overdoses and addiction. He helped and served the local community with pleasure and full dedication.

Today, Leonid armed with a Bachelor of Science degree as a PA-C from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education NYC and Masters of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) degree from the University of Texas, he gets to do exactly that for the people in his adopted home of South and North Brooklyn. As a Physician Assistant-Certified (PA-C), Mr. Litovskiy specializes in interventional pain management and addiction medicine. One way he successfully treats his patients is through direct pain-reducing injections, such as joint and trigger point injections.

His professional healthcare experience includes pain management, addiction medicine, emergency medicine, urgent care and vascular surgery. He’s worked consistently in Brooklyn throughout his career to date, including service at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Maimonides Medical Center and local Urgent Care Facility.

Mr. Litovskiy brings many skills, a wide range of experience and a dedication to medicine wherever he practice. He’s found his calling, and he takes pride in the quality of healthcare he provides as an active member of a caring medical team. When it comes to working with those suffering from chemical dependency where his passion lies, he evaluates the situation quickly and efficiently before preparing treatment.

Ms. Sokolov is currently working as part of the team of addiction doctors and specialists in our outpatient drug rehab center with locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx.

Not all rehab treatment centers are alike. Some drug rehab treatment centers only offer inpatient services while other rehab treatment centers, such as suboxone clinics facilities, provide intense outpatient services so you can stay in your job and at home during the video consultation with our top suboxone doctors and specialists while you get the treatment you need.

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