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Wonderful office – very busy, and with good reason. Kind and considerate staff – what I wanted from a pain management doctor was someone who was going to give me straight answers (whether they were the answers i wanted or not), someone who was going to try every non-invasive option before just referring me for surgery and someone who was not going to put me on addictive pills. Thank you to the best doctor, Dr. Reyfman and all of his staff – even when i was at my worst, in pain, confused with post concussion symptoms, they were wonderfully patient and moved my stem cell treatment in the right direction. Even though my recovery did not go as well as I hoped – my neurosurgeon looked at everything they did and said ‘you really couldn’t ask for anyone better than this’ – my feelings exactly.

This is a great outpatient rehab center. It honestly helped me so much with my recovery from my addiction with opioids. Alexa Sokolov, the therapist I see here weekly, is truly incredible. Not only is she super qualified at her job but she’s not judge mental, easy to talk to, and makes my recovery easier to handle. I was very skeptical about going to any rehab facility because admitting you have a problem and struggling with addiction is scary. I didn’t know what I was going to expect, but since my first day coming here, it’s been nothing but beneficial. Alexa, and this facility, saved my life. They provided me with suboxone for my withdrawals and gave me the best counseling (from Alexa) that anyone could ask for. I am truly grateful for this place. If you’re looking for a rehab center to get your life together and stop your addiction, I highly suggest coming here. You won’t regret it, they will help build the best recovery plan for you, and help stop your addiction. I personally want to thank Alexa for all her time and work to help me get and stay on the right path. Thank you! I am forever grateful my significant other found this place for me!

I would like to sincerely thank pain management doctors and staff for a great experience at Brooklyn’s office of Suboxone Treatment Clinic NYC. Dr. Reyfman, without a doubt, treats his patients like family. He is very friendly person with a great sense of humor, – the feeling of being at a doctor’s office disappears right away. Besides all of his personal qualities, I can not to mention his professionalism and expertise at what he does the best! He is a wonderful stem cell therapist with gold hands and a big heart! Thank you one more time.

Doctor Reyfman is wonderful very attentive and kind.. Omg I was in heaven when I went to see him. He explained every thing about stem cell therapy to me and helped me to understand things that I didn’t understand. I will always come here for my pain management.. So glad that Allah blessed me with this great doctor.

I really enjoyed this visit. I was informed thoroughly of my options and what the process would be like with my insurance. This doctor did a lot of things my previous doctor did not and that made me feel secure about the choice I made to have stem cell therapy for back pain . The office is really nice and the staff is great as well. I literally only have to walk 1 minute to get here I love it! This place will definitely get you on track with things!

Dr. Reyfman is one of the best doctors I have ever seen!!! He is absolutely the best!!! He was very kind and helped make me feel comfortable even while getting a painful injection. After going through many pain management doctors I am happy to find a good doctor that is caring and an office I didn’t have to wait 2 hours to see the doctor. I highly recommend Dr . Reyfman!

Dr. Reyfman is without a doubt one of the best pain management Dr’s in the country. His hand picked staff is 2nd to none. His physician assistants ( D. Ostrovskiy ) are the best this country has to offer. Everyone at his office, from maintenance personnel to the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and kind. Once you go there, you’ll never want place else. Top star quality service.

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