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Addiction Treatment with Suboxone®

Doctors have routinely prescribed suboxone for pain management or to reduce the effects of heroin withdrawal, but as its addictive properties became known, suboxone treatment was needed. Experienced staff at suboxone treatment centers develop an individualized suboxone treatment plan for you. Suboxone Treatment Clinic NYC provide methadone or suboxone addiction treatment on an outpatient basis. Come in to our suboxone clinics, the best rated addiction treatment center, to receive suboxone doctor counseling or suboxone treatment close to your home. Our outpatient drug rehab is among the top suboxone treatment centers.

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Addiction Doesn't Have To Be Forever. Help Is Here.Addiction is a brain disease and needs to be managed like any other chtonic disease. Here at Suboxone Treatment Center we use medications that can stop cravings, block wihdrawal symptoms so you do not feel dope-sick and block the high from heroin and opioids. To find a list of Free suboxone clinics or information about Buprenorphine a drug made under the brand of Suboxone® / Subutex®. or to find a suboxone doctor in NYC who prescribes it, call 1-866-287-2728 or visit SAMHSA Buprenorphine Physician and Treatment Program Locator. For more information about addiction treatments in New York and support closer to you visit the website: Combat Addiction


Suboxone is fast becoming one of the most often recommended physician-assisted treatment options for opioid dependency. When you need help managing chronic pain, yet maintain a healthy fear of narcotic ...

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To learn more about one of the most advanced treatments for pain management and opioid addiction, look no further than the Suboxone Treatment Clinic of NYC. You’ll find a caring team of suboxone doctors in New York

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As the opioid crisis in America continues to grow, your nearby doctors at the Suboxone Treatment Clinic of NYC offer an alternative to standard pain medication. Suboxone is a narcotic that carries fewer risks of developing ...

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Drug Addiction Treatments

Addiction treatment centers can help you get over the initial trials of your withdrawal. Drug addiction treatment at a trusted drug addiction treatment center helps you gather the tools you need to recover. Treatment for drug addiction often goes smoother in a rehab treatment center that knows how to work with addicts like you or your loved one. Not all rehab treatment centers are alike. Some drug rehab treatment centers only offer inpatient services while other rehab treatment centers, such as Suboxone Treatment Clinic NYC, provide intense outpatient services so you can stay in your job and at home while you get the treatment you need.

Drug Overdoses
killed more than
People in the United States in 2017

Addictions we Treat

  • Heroin Addiction Treatment

    Heroin is a highly-addictive narcotic that can easily and quickly
    become a trap for those caught in its clutches.
  • Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

    When the addiction is to drugs used for pain relief, like oxycodone, it’s even more complicated.
  • Methadone Addiction Treatment

    Methadone is a drug often used to treat addiction to another
    drug in a process known as methadone maintenance treatment.
  • Opioid Addiction Treatment

    Opioid drugs are among the most powerful medications known
    today for treating moderate to severe pain.
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Is someone you care about on the road to drug addiction?

New York outpatient rehab for substance abuse offers you a way to stay at home while receiving intensive services in a nearby facility or office. And while you may find free outpatient drug rehab facilities through your county or city, even a commercial outpatient rehab center is going to be less expensive than inpatient treatment that requires you to live full-time in the facility for the duration of your drug rehab.

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Your path
to restoration

Outpatient rehab in NYC for substance abuse is ideal if you need to get help for a drug addiction, but can’t afford or don’t want to enroll in an inpatient program. Drug rehab centers of all kinds work effectively when you follow the guidance provided. An outpatient drug rehab alone or rehab outpatient treatment following a short inpatient stay can be equally effective. Look for a free outpatient drug rehab such as suboxone treatment centers in your community or find an outpatient rehab center willing to work within your means to provide the services you need to finally be free of the hold drugs have over you or a loved one.

heroin detox

Heroin is an illegally produced opioid drug and a derivative of morphine that tends to relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

opiates detox

Opiates detox isn’t necessarily life-threatening, but it can be extremely uncomfortable, which can tax your resources.

xanax detox

A Xanax detox without the proper medical supervision can be life-threatening. While other drug detoxes, such as ...

cocaine detox

Cocaine detox can be especially difficult because the amphetamine-like substance is more psychologically addicting ...

suboxone detox

Suboxone is an opiate narcotic containing buprenorphine and naloxone. It’s used ias a means to help those detoxification.

methadone detox

Methadone detox is best done through one of the best methadone detox centers in NYC.

prescription drug detox

If you need prescription drug detox after taking prescribed medication for a period of time, visit our clinic.

Alcohol Detox

An alcohol detox certainly is uncomfortable. In fact, a detox from alcohol can even be life-threatening, which is why you need ...


Drug addiction encompasses a wide and varied set of mental, physical, emotional and social issues that are difficult to address on your own. Treatment for drug addiction, however, cannot begin until you undergo drug detox and get the substances out of your system. A detox clinic like Suboxone Treatment Clinic NYC offers the medical care and experienced support you need to successfully detox and receive the treatment you need.

Role of a Detox Clinic

  • The reasons why you turned to drugs
  • What motivates you to seek recovery
  • How to find and use the tools that can help you stay clean and sober

The detoxification process, commonly referred to simply as detox, is not treatment. It’s a physical necessity that must be undertaken before the recovery process and drug addiction treatment can begin. Walk in to our clinic or call suboxone doctors to learn more.

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Addiction Therapy with Suboxone
in New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens)

Suboxone Treatment Clinic NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan NYC) provide services for people suffering from substance abuse. Addiction treatment in our New York outpatient rehab center is designed to help you or a loved one get off and stay off drugs, discover why you turned to substances in the first place and learn how to live a productive life once again. Come see our brand new cutting edge, state-of-the-art outpatient rehab for substance abuse.

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The fact that a friend or family member of yours may be using a gateway drug is not a guarantee that he or she will end up as a drug addict, but it does give you a reason to be worried.
Why Choose Suboxone Clinic?

The goal of our New York suboxone clinic is to get you off all opioid drugs permanently. Whether you need methadone or suboxone treatment, your addiction recovery is the same, but there is no same day suboxone pills. With outpatient drug rehab as a rehab outpatient, you can go home each day and still receive all the benefits of outpatient rehab for substance abuse. Whether you attend our free outpatient drug rehab or visit our NYC outpatient rehab center, nearby suboxone doctors with multiple locations in NY can help you recover and get your life by on track.

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Our Suboxone Doctors

Suboxone doctor Dr. Reyfman and our team of top addiction specialists in NYC accept Medicaid, Medicare and other insurances. Walk in NYC suboxone clinics also called nearby FREE suboxone clinics develop an individualized suboxone treatment plan for you. I all our suboxone treatment centers we offer the most advanced treatments for pain management, drug and opioid addiction in NYC. You’ll find a caring team of pain management specialists who have the knowledge and the expertise to treat your pain with Suboxone or another alternative. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction to heroin, methadone, oxycodone or other narcotics, you’ll find no better suboxone clinic or team of suboxone doctors that prescribe Suboxone (Buprenorphine).